Time Traveller

by Chris Conway

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Chris Conway's 10th and latest album Time Traveller is a mellow reflection on time - amongst other things.
There are songs of time travel, wishes, love, madness, paranoia, parents, farewells, and more.

It's brimfull with his big warm sound, harmonies and mellow lyricism. There is quite a bit of ground covered - piano ballads, Celtic folk, folk, jazz, bossa nova, even acapella.

Influences detectable include...
Jimmy Webb, David Crosby, Brian Wilson, The Magnets, Richie Havens, Marcos Valle, John Sebastian, The Dramatics, Dan Britton, Dave Everitt, Vikki Clayton, Alan Stivell, Jesse Colin Young, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Bob Lind.

Chris's Background Notes.
Recently, after moving house, I found an old file of song lyrics. They dated back 15 years or so, to when I used to sing with The Storm Thieves band. (myself, Dan Britton & Dave Everitt) Joining that band lit the spark of songwriting for me and I wrote and wrote... I wrote more songs than the band, or my solo sets could handle. So many stayed in the file...

Looking through the songs was a nostalgic trip. Some forgotten, many remembered. I picked out the best and tweaked them, adding music, changing a lyric etc. Collaborating with my younger self.

This album blends those time travelling collaborations with my most recent songs, many of which, coincidentally, were on themes of time.

I thought it would be fitting to re-unite The Storm Thieves on There Is Love.

Indo-jazz goup Re-Orient (aka Jazz Orient also reunited on Wishful Thinking.

Chris Conway is difficult to sum up in a few paragraphs as he is active in so many genres of music – singer-songwriter, new age, jazz, Celtic, world music, and electronic. This genre hopping makes him a moving target as an artist and keeps him below many people's radar, but there is a growing crowd of those in the know who enjoy the relentless creative flow of Chris's music. Some are aware only of his music in one genre, others follow everything.

He has worked with a very diverse set of top musicians - he's played with members of Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention and toured with Peter Tork (Monkees). He's also played with composer Gavin Bryars, tabla man Talvin Singh, violin virtuoso Dr L Subramanium, and UK folk singer Martin Carthy. Brazilian jazz diva Ithamara Koorax and UK Folk Vikki Clayton have both recorded his songs.

Chris Conway is a true multi-instrumental wizard playing... piano, keyboards, 9string acoustic & electric guitars, low, tin & twin whistles, live electronics, kalimba, theremin, zither, and vocals.

Chris Conway has a prolific recorded output, releasing over 80 CDs under his own name or with his bands. His music has been heard on UK National TV, Radio, and film. He has sold over 55,000 CDs worldwide.


released June 6, 2011

Chris Conway - vocals, acoustic & electric 9 string guitars, piano, keyboards, tin & twin & low whistles, theremin, kalimba, bodhran, drum programming, percussion

Dan Britton - vocals - 10
Kate Easton - vocals - 4, 9
Dave Everitt - vocals, acoustic guitar - 1, 10
Adele McMahon - violin - 4, 11, 15
Neil Rabjohn - cajon drum - 1, 2, 6, 10. 13
Georgina Sear - vocals - 2, 3, 8, 16
Linda Shanovitch - vocals - 12
Baluji Shrivastav - tabla - 12
Tim Sketchley - glockenspiel - 4, 9, 10, 13, 15



all rights reserved


Chris Conway Leicester

Think David Crosby on a journey taking in Ireland, a jazz club, and Outer Space.

"Songs of Love & Peace & Outer Space" is his slogan and that sums it up well.

He has toured with ex-Monkees Peter Tork, played with members of Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention as well as Vikki Clayton, Martin Carthy, Sally Barker, Pete Morton, Cathy Lesurf, & Tommy Emmanuel and Talvin Singh.
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Track Name: Let Me Be
Let Me Be ©2011 Chris Conway
Let me in
Don't look so dejected
Let me in
Our thoughts are misdirected
And our words have defected
Let me in
I understood you better
When you were more complicated
Simple games are the hardest ones to win
When we begin
It lets me in

Let me through
Our hearts were once our home
Let me through
Like butterflies of stone
Our lives are not our own
Let me through
The dead outnumber us,
And the living are pretending
They are free and that every day is new
The smile on you
It lets me through

Let me fly
On wings of coloured light
Let me fly
Onward through the night
Up and out of sight
Let me fly
Your soul is on the mountain
Sifting clouds through your hands
You've no answers but you know the reasons why,
With a sigh
You let me fly

Let me be
Just five minutes more
Let me be
Like waves upon the shore
The world is crashing at my door
Let me be
You always remembered me
In a favourable light
In a world that's losing touch with it's debris
When you're with me
You let me be
Track Name: Science Fiction Eyes
Science Fiction Eyes ©2011 Chris Conway
They say that the eyes are a window of what’s inside
That children's eyes can reflect their parents friction
A lonely man’s eyes give out loneliness
And anxious eyes cannot hide their stress
But my eyes just drink in and radiate science fiction Coz I’ve got
Science fiction eyes
Science fiction eyes
Either my optical nerves are telling me lies
Or I’ve got science fiction eyes

You see an airport but I see stargate to outer space
I’m in an alien city when I’m walking down the street
My mobile phone is a communicator
My microwave oven is a replicator
The TV News is a top secret message from Star FleetCoz I’ve got
Science fiction eyes, science fiction eyes
Either my optical nerves are telling me lies
Or I’ve got science fiction eyes

Sometimes my eyes can deliver lethal lasers
Sometimes one goes jet black while the other one glows
Sometimes my eyes can see back in time
To save the world or to solve a crime
But sometimes all they can do is just see through clothes...

And suddenly my car is a shuttlecraft
Taking me anywhere I want to go
And there’s Arcturan brandy in my Orangensaft
And I’m shouting at Gort “Klaatu barada nicto!!!!”

Why can’t real life be more like sci-fi?
Why can’t a matter transporter take me right now to you?
Last night I went mad and I thought I’d lost it
I gave myself a level 4 diagnostic
Why can’t a doctor cure me with a little gadget that goes “ooooooo”?

Coz I’ve got
Science fiction eyes, science fiction eyes
Either my optical nerves are telling me lies
Or this the bridge of the Enterprise
Or (I'm singing this song under Martian skies
Or I’ve got science fiction eyes
Track Name: Letters In Time
Letters In Time - ©2011 Chris Conway
They let me send this letter back this time machine.
To Twenty years ago today
If I write it will you understand what I mean?
It's hard to work out what to say
Except don't worry so much
But I know that you will
All of those mysteries
You stayed up nights thinking about
Well they just melt away
But you're gonna have to work it out for yourself
Like I worked it out for myself

I can picture you in your room with the green light
Finding this letter on your Fender Rhodes
That ghost that used to haunt you is still with me tonight
In fact he wants to say hello
When you need a helping hand
He'll play those mystic chords
Yes there will dark times
I wish I could steer you round
But then I wouldn't be me
If I told you how I worked it out by myself
You'll have to work it out for yourself

I spend my time knocking down the walls
Some you'll build with love and some in fear
I know I can't stop you building them higher and higher
But build some windows in x 3
Before I disappear

I press the button and turn the handle around
The letter is gone , my work is done
Then I see a piece of paper come fluttering down
To me from me 20 years to come
Your handwriting's shakier now
You say I'm going to be all right
There are no answers
Whatever gets you through the night
But I know that it proves that I'm gonna work it all out for myself.
Like you worked it out for yourself

I'm gonna work it out for myself
Letters in time, round your mind...
Track Name: The Wishing Tree
The Wishing Tree - ©2011 Chris Conway
I've been waiting for a long long time
For the water to turn to wine
Waiting for that roll of the dice
Almost had it there once or twice
I met a man in Twelve Acre Wood
Said he knew where a wishing tree stood
Dance around it for a minute or two
Then your secret wish will come true

Dance around the wishing tree
Wish a little dream for you and me
Wish it good and wish it right
Make the dream come true because the night
Comes all too soon
So wish for the moon

There is one thing that I have learned
Things feel better when they've been earned.
So is it right for you and me
To get our dreams so easily?
But there's a lot to be wishing for
A wish for love or and end to war
A wish for money or a wish for fame
A wish to put things right again


What is it that you wish tonight?
Are you willing to take a chance?
Or is there something you'd rather hide?
Will you really dance?
Will you dance? x3

Before you rush and take my hand
There is something you should understand
The old tree has a trick or two
Only secret wishes come true
A man wished for his ailing child
Little one died in a very short while
His secret wish had a secret plan
And he became a very rich man.
Track Name: Hit Back
Hit Back - ©2011 Chris Conway
The worlds been hitting you hard and often
You've been duck and diving as best you can
You feel your brains cells kinda soften
It's time to get yourself a brand new plan

Hit back, hit back, baby
It's the only thing that you can do
Kick back, or you'll go crazy
The revolution is overdue

The world is trying to run you off the track
You want to stay in the race a bit longer
If you feel yourself under attack
Remember things that don't kill you will make you stronger


You say you're not the fighting kind
It'll sort itself out someway
But before you go out of your mind
Just do it today, do it today

You can always just sit back and take it
Or you can stand up and blow your fuse
The choice yours only you can make it
Giving up is the only certain way to lose


So hit back.
Track Name: Til The Deal Is Done
The Deal Is Done - ©2011 Chris Conway
They can take away my number
They can take away my name
They can write me write me down and lose the file
They can make us believe that we're all the same
They can push us to the sidelines
They can make us feel that we're all alone
They can make conforming so so easy
They can try to change us into one of their own

But I'm not going to give it away my darlin
While I can still see the sun
I'm not going to give it away my darlin
Until the race is run
Until the deal is done

They can sell me what is already mine
They can count their coins to their hearts content
They can drown us in their media
Twisting the minds of the innocent
They can cut down my green forests
They can cut holes in my sky
They can cover me in concrete
But they never have to tell me why


For all time, and down the generations
It's time for a brand new day
It's time for us to awaken
We can't just sit back and what them take it all away

They want to stop us getting together
They always find someone else to blame
They think they can keep on winning forever
They can rewrite the rules of every game
They can make me crave things I do not need
They can turn the world to a superstore
They can censor what I hear and read
They can declare that we're at war

Track Name: Time To Go Crazy
Time To Go Crazy - ©2011 Chris Conway
Wild smiling faces
With tears in their eyes
Like a child who keep laughing
When he's trying to cry
You ask me why why why
Am I talking about you
Time to sing, time to sigh

Time to go crazy - Go crazy
Time to go crazy - Run out the door
Time to go crazy - Go crazy
Time to go crazy - Then you'll want more

Red as the green sky
Beneath your feet
You think that you're watching
Another old repeat
You know of so well
Can you remember the end?
Time to stop, time to rewind


If we're going to get there
We'd better leave today
Just start to let go
And watch the world just drift away

You can hear thunder
Deep inside your head
Your eyes see all the colours
Of the alphabet
Somebody spells your name
Have you heard that voice before?
Time to smile, time to recall


Dancing with dragons
Some fool let in
You're swimming all the languages
There has ever been
And it sounds like rain
And it sounds like you
Time to live, time to go go go


So jump off the rails
Try it for a day or two
You may not find your way back
You may not want to
Track Name: Funniest Feeling
Funniest Feeling ©2011 Chris Conway
Somebody's gotta tell him about
What's going around
He's gonna make a big fool of himself unless
Somebody gives him the lowdown
Look at him laughing, he still doesn't know
And my anxietiy grows
Someone's got to tell him before it's too late
I guess it's up to one of us to put him straight

Check out the possibilities
It could only be either Davey, Dan or me,
And I've got the funniest feeling
It's gonna be me

Jammin' with the boys in my green room
Workin' out some brand new tune
But the session aint goin so well
Coz it's like someone's out of tune and I can't tell who
So we change to a different song
But something still sounds terribly wrong
I get to the point where I gotta say say
“Hey boys, someone's guitar's making a terrible noise”

Check out the possibilities
It could only be either Davey, Dan or me,
And I've got the funniest feeling
The funniest feeling
It's gonna be me

Who the hell is she lookin at?
With her smooth sophistication and her hippy hat
Am I paranoid or just unstable
Or does she keep looin over to our table
I try to ignore her but then turn away
But an occasional glance keeps going astray
Just when I think that I;m beginning to have fun
I realise she could be looking at anyone

Check out the possibilities
It could only be either Davey, Dan or me,
And I've got the funniest feeling
The funniest feeling, oh yeah
The funniest feeling this time
I hope that it's me
Track Name: Help Me
Help Me ©2011 Chris Conway
Two strangers on a train
Staring out at the rain
They take the same journey every day
Sharing the same kind of pain
Secretly dying to say

Help me, help me
A voice cries in the night
Help me, help me
Come close and hold me tight
Help me turn on the lightThe road's backed up for miles
In our convenient gridlocked lives
And when the oceans started to rise
Was anyone really surprised?
Have we learned to live with the lies?

Help me, help me
A voice cries in the night
Help me, help me
Come close and hold me tight
Make everything alright
I feel disconnected
Like a part of me died
Like there's nowhere to run to
Like there's nowhere to hide
Seems like a long long time
Since your eyes last met mine
We've been living on parallel lines
Same thought at the back of our minds
Come on while there's still time

Help me, help me
A voice cries in the night
Help me, help me
Come close and hold me tight
Help me turn on the light
Give me somewhere to run to
Give me somewhere to hide
Track Name: There Is Love
There Is Love ©2011 Chris Conway
There's a head that is reeling
There's a life out of control
There's a strange uneasy feeling
In the heart of your soul
But there is life
There is light
There's a spring back in your stride
There's a strong desire to run
But there is nowhere you can hide

And there is love
Like a warm embrace
Heaven above
Is written clear across your face
There is love
It's taken all your inner space
There is love x 3

There are questions without answers
There are the most attractive lies
Across the room there is a dancer
With diamonds in her eyes
There is risk, there is chance
There's the wise man, there's the fool
There's a a time for romance
If you can only keep your cool


Tell me why
Do you jump when you hear the phone?
Tell me why
It feels wrong to be alone?
Tell me why
Now it's not all about you?
Tell be why
Is it too good to be true?

Every rendezvous is secret
Every spoken word is hushed
Every day and every week it
Feel your life is one mad rush
There's a picture on your wall
There's a card beside your bed
There is time to recall
Every single word she said.
Track Name: No More Goodbyes
No More Goodbyes ©2011 Chris Conway
Gazing out across the sea
Something here feels familiar to me
A subtle shift from green to blue
A reflection of a memory of you

Are you still waving goodbye?
Am I still wondering why?
Are you still waving goodbye?
How long is goodbye?
I thought I'd left this far behind
But there's a presence deep deep deep inside of me
And time never stands still
But that part of me maybe always will

Are you still waving goodbye?
Am I still wondering why?
Are you still waving goodbye?
How long is goodbye?

Sounds and seasons lift me up
And take me to the sky
Til a whisper convinces me
I've forgotten how to fly

A new morning – there is a stillness here
The doubts are gone – I have no fear
My voice rising into the air
Sings a song that shows I no longer care

That your still waving goodbye
There never was a reason why
Now therell be no more goodbyes
No more goodbyes
Track Name: Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking ©2011 Chris Conway
You know it happens in the morning
Right at the break of day
Without any warning
It always happens that way
You can see her walking
You can see her smile
Pretty soon you'll be talking
But that could take a little while

A little wishful thinking
Might ease you through the day, brother
But too much wishful thinking can
Blow your mind
Blow your mind away

Things are getting pretty hot
But you say it's OK
You know that it's not
But you just say it anyway
Coz in your minds eye
You see a clear way through
You know it;s a lie
But you've got nothing better to do


Though you haven't got a dime
The dream seems so clear
Just a matter of time
This could be your year
You've lost you;re perspective
Lost your vertical hold
You know that something's gotta give
And the winter blows mighty cold

Track Name: Future Beige
Future Beige ©2011 Chris Conway
A lady from the future materialized in front of me
She said take my hand and I'll show you
The way it's going to be
Having nothing better in mind I thought I'd
See what I could see
And I stepped through the portal to the year
Ten thousand and eighty three

And I saw the sandy coloured sky
Bring down coffee coloured rain
Everyone wore tanned jumpsuits
All the houses were the same.
And in a coffee shop she asked me
For my impressions of her age, and I said
“I've seen the future and it's beige
I've seen the future and it's beige”

So I took her through the portal
To my life and to my time
And showed her all the colours
Still there for all to find
And I felt her spirit move
And her head start to unwind
Then I took her back to the sixties
And it really blew her mind

Every person was a colour
Every colour was a song
Our differences were special
And the magic still was strong
When I asked if she was going back
To her own time and place
She shook her head and said
“I've seen the future and it's beige
I've seen the future and it's beige”

Now we're living in a multi-coloured house
On a dark monochrome street
We're trying to change the future
By voting with our feet
We've cancelled all the papers
And thrown out the TV
We're not going to let a beige world
Paint our individuality

So if you give your world to Starbucks,
Sell your future by the pound
Then one by one your colours
Are sure to fade to brown
And I've seen it start to happen
In my time and in my town
When you feel your just a number
On a wheel that's spinning round
And when shopping malls are wall to wall
Like a corporate computer game
And they've airbrushed all our differences
So we all look the same

So dare to be different,
And celebrate the strange
Because - I have seen the future
You've seen the future
We've seen the future, and it's beige
We've seen the future, and it's beige

It's time for a change
There's still time to change
We're not to late
We can change the future
We don't all have to be the same
Track Name: The Old Man's Song
The Old Man's Song ©2011 Chris Conway
Still I miss you every day
Every morning something's missing
Are you oh so far away?
Or are you close beside me listening?

You left me for to make my way
I hope that you would be proud of me
I know you would be anyway
Whatever I would choose to be

Sometimes in mine I hear your voice
Sometimes I use one of your phrases
The mirror says I have no choice
But to be a blend of your two faces.

Now I'm as old as you once were
You've been gone for quite a while
Your faces have become a blur
But I think of you and sadly smile.

And still I miss you every day
Every morning something's missing
Are you oh so far away?
Or are you close beside me listening?
Track Name: The Last Place On The Earth
The Last Place On The Earth ©2011 Chris Conway
Come with me
To the last place on the earth
Where everything is free
And we know what things are really worth
And life is for living
Everything just seems to gel
And everybody's busy
Giving something of themselves to someone else

Come with me
To the last place on the earth
Where everybody's happy
No one ever has to work
And dwindling in numbers
No one ever keeps the score
Soon we'll join the slumbers
Of all the other folks who went before

I can see by the look on your face
Your thinking it can't be as rosy as it seems
There might never ever be such a place
But I can dream.. I can dream...

Come with me
To the last place on the earth
Where the very last taste
Is just as good as the first
And the body you were born in
Seems far away somehow
And suddenly without warning
Dreams can turn into a different kind of now

Come with me, to the last place on the earth x4
Track Name: Time Loop
Time Loop
Letters in time, round your mind...